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I am a PhD student in computer science. I graduated from Portland State University with a Master's Degree in Computer Science and I currently working on research which will eventually become my dissertation at University of Texas at Austin. My PhD research focus is concurrent programming languages. I am working with the Orc research group at UT Austin. Specifically, I am working on usability and scalability of Orc by adding objects, and efficiency by developing an optimizing compiler and more efficient runtime for Orc. My primary research focus for my Master's degree was implementation techniques for functional logic languages, specifically Curry.

This website contains some of the random online detritus that I produce, including both my personal and academic work.

Curriculum Vitae

My curriculum vitae and resume.

Programming and Personal Projects

I've written a lot of random code over the years. In fact most of my person projects have code in it in some way or another.

See my Github profile for a glimpse into my projects. For some very old programming projects see my old Programming page.

One old dead project I still hold dear that is not on github is The Dim Future. The Dim Future is a card game like Magic: The Gathering but weirder and more complicated and simpler and probably ill-advised.


I take pictures of things and places, generally not people. I make panoramas to try to capture the feeling of being in a place.

See my Flickr photostream.


Ramblings from the mind of a habitual coder. Always out of date, never updated.

Why "Michener"?

I am now publishing as "Arthur Michener Peters" in honor of the side of my family which most inspired me to be an academic and a scientist. Particularly, this is in memory of my grandfather Charles "Mich" Michener, who revolutionized the world of bee entomology. He published a lot and I am honored to attach the Michener name to my own publications.