Music I Make

I play guitar and sing. I mostly play modern folk music, but I own an electric guitar and sometimes play some rock or alternative or heavy metal for kicks. Here are some recordings I have made. The ones that sound low quality I recorded using a cheap sound card, two high-quality Shure microphones and some Linux software I wrote to record and mix the sound. The newer and better sounding ones are recorded using a 24bit/96Khz (better than CD quality) sound card made by M-Audio called the Delta 44.

Name Artist Description
Drum Solo Arthur Peters I learned something doing my last song phasers are good with drums. So I just doodled with drums. A number of the drum samples are actually vocal samples I made.
Reason Opus #2 Arthur Peters A little more "hardcore" than the last one. More techno'y. Very repetitive, but quite cool if I may say so my self.
Dying For You Arthur Peters My first full-length song using Reason. Most of the insturments are from refills, but the voice sample is mine. Please send me your opinion.
Buzz Opus #1 Arthur Peters Fun little peice. Created entirely in Buzz using no samples. I barrowed several of the intruments from sample songs, but I also created a couple from scratch.
Buzz Opus #2 Arthur Peters Also created entirely in Buzz using no samples. I built almost all of the intruments my self. It's not quite done, so you'll see an update if you check back in a while.
Tomorrow and a Day Arthur Peters (lyrics and all) I wrote this song for a girl during the summer of 2000 in a theatre program. The recording is one take using two mics. Modern Folk.
Friend of my Heart Arthur Peters (all of it) Another song I wrote. It is about another theatre friend of mine. Folk.
Quarter Moon Cheryl Wheeler Me on guitar and voice (recorded seperatly). Folk.
Um-Diya Arthur Peters Two distorted guitar track and a voice track plus some really heavy reverb.
CO I, Arthur Peters Two electric guitar tracks both played by me.
Synth Song Arthur Peters This song was made entirely using CSound on my computer.
Hit It! Arthur Peters This piece was a MOD file sequenced on SoundTracker and then rendered using MikMod.

Music I Listen To

I have been into folk music for many years, and I have a intense dislike for most pop and hard rock and 99% of metal (I don't distinguish between types). The one exception to this is that I really like techno. My play list varies from Paul Simon to Pat Kirtly (an absolutely amazing finger-pick guitarist) to Ani Difranco to Tom Waits to various Gatecrasher albums to U2 to Dar Williams to The Eels.