The Basics

Primary Skills:

  • Theatrical show control, including device interfacing, Medialon programming, system integration, show control system design
  • High level computer skills including Linux systems administration, web server setup and web page design
  • Computer programming in C, C++, PHP, Perl, Python, Nemerle, C#, Java and Unix Shell
  • Computer networking including low level TCP/IP and UDP/IP
  • Video systems
  • Stage lighting
  • Sound systems

Secondary Skills:

  • Programming in Max/MSP
  • Electrical circuits and circuit design
  • Fabrication of custom electronics
  • Microcontrollers for embedded applications
  • Digital video shooting and editing
  • Computer music (MIDI, digital audio editing, etc)
  • Building and painting sets and scenery
  • Folk guitar and folk singing

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I have been using computers for 15 years and programming for 12+ years. I started programming in QBasic, but moved to C and C++ after a time. Now, I have progress much farther. See below and my programming page.

I can program very comfortably in the following languages:

  • C/C++ (and I do try to make everything object-oriented when using C++)
  • Perl
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Bourne Shell
  • ECMAScript (a.k.a. JavaScript)
  • Nemerle
  • Medialon (a show control programming environment used in theatre and interactive displays)

I have some small experience in the following languages:

  • Java
  • C#
  • Max/MSP
  • XSLT (The XML transform language)
  • Lisp
  • Haskell

I have had a patch I wrote accepted to the Linux kernel. OK, it was a one character typo, but I still have a patch in the kernel.

A more formal experience list:

Position Employer Location Year
Computer Programmer and Systems Integrator CUNY Research Foundation NYC College of Technology, Brooklyn, NY 2005-present
Linux Computer Systems Consultant Realtime Music Solution, Ltd. Manhattan, NY 2004-2006

If any of this makes you want to hire me please email me at


I have been doing theatre since I was 11 or so. So, I have some 12 years general experience dealing with theatre and theatre people. I have been doing technical theatre for about 10 years. In the beginning I was merely another pair of hand on the set crew, but by junior year in high-school I was the head of set construction. By my senior year I was one of the most knowledgeable people in the school on the subjects of lighting, sound and set, and was in a crew head or higher for almost all the shows.

A more formal experience list: (With links out to pictures of some of the productions)

Position Production Venue Year
Show Control Designer and Programmer (Medialon) and Video Editor and System Designer “60 Years of City Tech” Vorhees Room 111, NYC College of Technology, Brooklyn, NY 2006
Show Control Programmer (Medialon) “The Haunted Hotel” Vorhees Theatre, NYC College of Technology, Brooklyn, NY 2005
Production Assistant “Caligula” (An ancient glam epic) The Theatre at St. Clement's, Manhattan, NY 2004
Sound Technician and Board Operator Multiple Shows KU University Theatre, Lawrence, KS 2003-2004

If any of this makes you want to hire me please email me at